Just what is a beta reader?


A beta reader is someone who commits to reading earlier drafts of novels and short stories by an author, with the understanding that s/he will provide feedback to assist in the development process.


Are you interested in becoming a beta reader for Mike's fiction work? Yes? Well, cool!


There are a few expectations if you'd like to be part of the process.


1) Confidentiality: by signing up, a beta reader promises that s/he WILL NOT distribute the documents s/he receives to ANYONE, before or after publication. EVER. There's a good deal of trust being extended to people who participate in this process.


2) Meeting Deadlines: the purpose of having beta readers is so that a writer can receive feedback that will aid in refining and improving a novel or short story before it is released to the general public. For this reason, it is important for that beta reader to finish reading in the allotted time.


3) Providing Feedback: In addition to reading the material, the author needs feedback. That may take the form of a questionnaire, or just a request for detailed reactions to plot, characters, language, etc. While praise is great (and an author loves to hear what a reader likes), constructive criticism is even more important.



If you can commit to these expectations, contact Mike here, putting BETA in the subject header.



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