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Mike Shel
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Indianapolis, Indiana 46256


Mike Shel (not his real name) was born in Detroit,  Michigan in 1964 and grew up in the suburb of Dearborn, the hometown of Henry Ford, genius industrialist and virulent anti-Semite nutjob.  Mike has also lived in southern Illinois, Louisville, Kentucky, Atlanta, Georgia, and now Indianapolis, Indiana.  After writing two adventures for Dungeon Magazine in the early 90s, he crawled down a deep, dark hole.  He emerged 15 years later, Rip Van Winkle-like, looked around for a moment, then crawled back down again.  Re-emerging after another 3 years, he rubbed the sleep from his eyes and began freelancing for Paizo Publishing and third-party publishers like Kobold Press and Legendary Games. 


Mike is currently hard at work on his dark epic fantasy trilogy entitled ICONOCLASTS.  The first and second books, ACHING GOD and SIN EATER, are available now in digital, print, and audiobook format. He is hard at work on the third, IDOLS FALL.  


Mike thinks that dress looks nice on you.  He wonders why you don’t call more often.  He thinks you should put some ointment on that.  Mike is from the future and desperately implores you to hoard Hummel figurines, but cryptically declines to explain the reason.  He lives there (in the future) with his lovely and talented wife, Tracy.  He has 2 lovely and talented stepdaughters, Haylee (22) and Trinity (17), and a son, Leo (4).  Would you like to see pictures of Leo?   Would you like to watch a brief video of Leo doing something frightfully precocious?   A 40-minute video?   Would you like to talk to Mike about Leo?   He also has a dog named Neko. 


Mike has an advanced degree in clinical psychology and has practiced as a psychotherapist for over twenty years, specializing in cognitive therapy for panic and anxiety disorders. He has also worked with clients struggling with addiction, mood disorders, psychosis, and survivors of trauma.

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