If you're here, it's because 1) You are a magnificent human being; and 2) You might be interested in joining my cadre of advanced reviewers for my soon-to-be-published novel, Aching God. It is the first in a planned trilogy entitled Iconoclasts.


If you don't require convincing and you're ready to jump on board, click the button below and send me a message with REVIEWER in the subject header. Otherwise, read on.







The story was originally conceived of as a stand-alone module adventure that I pitched to James Jacobs, creative director at Paizo, at GenCon a few years ago. Paizo is the publisher of the world's most popular role-playing game, Pathfinder. I've been a freelance adventure designer for Pathfinder more than seven years. The concept didn't fit with the direction Paizo was going with the product line at that time, so for a while, I considered writing it as a third-party adventure on my own. Finally, after GenCon 2016, hit with an enormous inspiration, I yanked the story out of Golarion (Pathfinder's game world), began creating my own fantasy world, and wrote the first draft of the novel in an amazing 10-week whirlwind. Finished in October 2016, it was originally titled In the Belly of the Aching God. With the aid of a few beta readers, I started making changes and re-working my draft.


Sixteen months later I have received the manuscript from my editor and am taking time combing through her edits. On Monday, February 19, I am handing it over to Colleen at Ampersand Book Interiors, who will format the book for both electronic and print formats. When she has done her magic, I'll be ready to turn it over to those wonderful people who have volunteered brains and eyeballs for the task of writing those pre-release Amazon reviews.


Hopefully, those brains and eyeballs belong to you.


It would work this way:


1) I provide you with a free advanced digital copy of Aching God, which you promise to read within a month's time;


2) On the day the book goes live on Amazon.com (there will be a very short pre-release sales period, likely no more than a week), you will post a review of the novel.


Now this is a serious commitment and I don't want anyone entering into it lightly. If it would be helpful to get a feel for the tone and style of the novel, you can check out a short story that's included in a free fantasy anthology entitled Lost Lore. Pick up a copy and read "Barrowlands," a tale that's something of a prequel to Aching God, set in the fantasy world of the novel.


Obviously, I would prefer glowing, 5-star reviews from everybody. However, I do not expect you to give a 4- or 5-star review if you do not believe the book merits it. I would ask that if you feel as though the book deserves 3 or fewer stars, you would pass on that feedback privately rather than posting it—after all, good reviews will sell the book, and that's my primary aim here. At the same time, I am always wanting to improve my writing and open to feedback, and I certainly can't bar you from publishing a less-than-stellar critique.


Frankly, I'm pretty stoked about this novel and getting it out into the world.  I'd love your help in making that happen.  In exchange, you get a free book and my undying gratitude.


If you've stuck with me this far and you're interested in being a member of my Advanced Reviewers, please click on this button to send me a message with REVIEWER in the subject header.



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