Indie Authors

Here is a collection of talented Indie fantasy authors who deserve to be read. Without the aid of a traditional publisher, these writers have managed to bring their worlds to life.  Rather than link to specific titles by the author, the links lead to each writer's Amazon page. Many have crafted complex, immersive fantasy series well worth your time. 


Check them out!

Phil Tucker

TL Greylock

AC Cobble

Bryce O'Connor

Michael R. Fletcher

Timandra Whitecastle



Duncan M Hamilton

Davis Ashura

Matt Moss

Dyrk Ashton


R Miller

TA Miles

Baird Wells

Luke Chmilenko







Megan Haskell

David Estes

Chris Fox

Daniel Potter

Laura M Hughes

Michael McClung

K.S. Villoso

Andrew Rowe

Ben Galley

David Benem

Quenby Olson

Traditional Authors

Now here I may steer you to a specific book or series, or I may invite you to explore an author's entire catalog.  Many of these writers have served as inspiration for my own work.  Of course, if you're here, you've likely read many of these already.  But maybe there are some who have slipped through the cracks...


Moorcock was the first fantasy writer that captured my mind and heart as a teenager, drawing me down the rabbit hole that is sword & sorcery fiction.  His concept of a multiverse was intoxicating, leading me from one interconnected series to the next: Elric, Corum, Hawkmoon, Erekose, Von Bek, et al.  Picking up one of his books transports me back to that time when I was just discovering the rich worlds that lay in wait.


There have been an unforgivable number of money grabs collecting his novels into confusing omnibuses and series. I'd recommend starting with his most famous anti-hero, Elric of Melnibone and the eponymous book.  That itself is something of a quest as the novel is no longer in print on its own.  You can find the slim novel, believe it or not, in Volume III of The Chronicles of the Last Emperor of Melnibone: The Sleeping Sorceress, pictured to the left. To suss out the labyrinthine chronology of the various books and stories written over the years, let Almighty Wikipedia be your guide:


A contemporary master of weird fiction. My personal favorite has always been the first of his that I read, Perdido Street Station.  Mieville creates a living, breathing fantasy world like no other writer working today.


Yes, I know, you've heard of him. With the recent Starz adaptation of American Gods, he is being introduced to even wider audiences.  Personally, I have always preferred the sublime Neverwhere, the very definition of urban fantasy. Let Gaiman take you exploring in London Below.


Gene Wolfe isn't every fantasy reader's cup of tea: his prose is dense and demanding and multilayered, with something of a scholarly air. My favorite series is his Book of the New Sun, available in three volumes.  You get a sense of almost infinite depth in Wolfe's fantasy world of Urth.


Peerless military fantasy.  Cook's sprawling epic follows the bold and battered soldiers of the mercenary Black Company in campaign after campaign. Follow Croaker, One-Eye, Otto, Hagop, and Raven from battlefield to battlefield. Employed by a terrifying, powerful sorcerer known as The Lady, they find themselves pawns in the machinations of her lieutenants, The Ten Who Were Taken, frightful sorcerers in their own right, vying with one another for supremacy.


Word is the series was optioned by Eliza Dushku (of Buffy and Dollhouse fame) and is in development as we speak. Dushku apparently intends to portray The Lady.  I wait with bated breath.


Her Earthsea novels still have the power to enchant me.  They have the feeling of a very old, very wonderful very fairy tale.  These are books I revisit from time to time, finding something new with each return.


I only discovered NK Jemisin in the last year and have to date plunged into her Inheritance Trilogy.  I'm saving the rest of her work, on my TBR pile, as a treat.  A weaver of complex and truly original epic fantasy.


Most often thought of as a science fiction writer, Silverberg's Majipoor Cycle, opening with the strange Lord Valentine's Castle, is an awesome symphony of worldbuilding.

While most renowned for his Amber series, I have always been partial to this slim little gem, another great example of worldbuilding. He does more to paint a fascinating culture than many others do with six or more times the length. I revisit this novel once a year.


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