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"Barrowlands" Read-Along at Goodreads.


Discussion of Mike Shel's short story from Lost Lore set in the world of Iconoclasts happened at Goodreads yesterday. It's loaded with spoilers (for the short tale, not the Iconoclasts novels), so steer clear until you've had a chance to read "Barrowlands" yourself. Mike will be checking back periodically to respond to questions and comments for those who pop by in the future.

Again, Lost Lore is available for free on all electronic platforms. Find your preferred format at:


Return of the Runelords Adventure Path


The early chapters of Paizo's Pathfinder RPG Adventure Path Return of the Runelords have been posted for pre-order at their website, including Mike Shel's contribution, a massive dungeon crawl entitled It Came from Hollow Mountain . Slated for release a chapter a month, starting in August 2018, this AP marks the conclusion of the epic Runelords trilogy that began with Rise of the Runelords , followed by Shattered Star. (Incidentally, Mike wrote Chapter 2 of Shattered Star, The Curse of the Lady's Light. It was his first contribution to Paizo's flagship Adventure Path line.)

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