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Hello, 2018!

The tumultuous year of 2017 is behind us, thank all gods, good and ill.

As the year wrapped up, I handed my manuscript over to gifted writer and editor, Laura M. Hughes, who will work her magic so that I can release Aching God into the wild later this year. While she does her red pen thang, I turn my focus to the next book in the Iconoclasts planned trilogy, very tentatively entitled Confessor of God. I managed to bang out the initial draft of the first three chapters before the past year was out, but I'm hoping to have a completed first draft completed by April. The plan is to have book 2 near-ready for release itself when Aching God hits the virtual shelves.

I also intend to continue building and refining this here website, be it ever so humble.

I'll leave you with a little treat from Parker Millsap, of especial delight to those of you familiar with Greek mythology...

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